privacy policy


This Privacy Policy extends to our websites, software, products and services that link to this policy or which do not have a specific privacy policy. The aim of this Privacy Policy is to provide you with details on how we use your personal data. This Privacy Policy can be revised from time-to-time so we suggest that you check it frequently, but if we make material adjustments, we will make sure to alert you to this.

How we gather your personal info

In order to offer you services, you would need to build a user account. When building this user account, you will need to send some personal details such as your name, age, address and email. Additional information would also be needed for you to use any of our services, such as your bank card numbers.

We also gather information about the transactions you make, including your gambling activities. We may collect personal data through surveys which we, or companies engaged by us for such reason, conduct. In addition, we collect knowledge about the use of our websites, smartphone devices and services. We may also gather other information required for us to handle your personal data for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

Where you contact us, we will process any personal information you include in these communications.

We can also gather personal data from third party service providers, such as credit reference agencies and fraud detection firms.

Finally, we also use “cookies” and related tools which may gather such information about you, such as your devices’ IP addresses and internet usage, any of which may constitute your personal data. You will learn more about the cookies we use in the ‘Cookies’ section below.

How do we use your personal data?

In accordance with data protection laws, the personal data will only be processed if we have a legitimate basis to do so. We process your personal information, when: We need to provide you with services according to the terms of our contract with you; (ii) we have to do it in accordance with legal or regulatory duties; (iii) you have agreed to it;; or (iv) the processing of your personal data is in our legitimate interests, provided that none of these interests affects your own freedoms, rights or obligations.

Info in your email

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, we inform processors for whom we deal about your personal data. We would conclude a deal with all these processors to ensure the security of your personal data.

In addition, under the following conditions we can reveal your personal details:

Where appropriate, by law or legislation (disclosure to a state, regulatory, or regulatory authority): legal and/or lawsuit defense; and, during the negotiation process and after an acquisition, purchase, or merger.

Security is the most critical consideration

We take effective technological and operational steps to safeguard and deter hacking, loss and unauthorized access of your personal data. It is important to remember, though, that privacy can never be guaranteed and you cannot hold us accountable unless our failure infringes the safety of your personal information.

Cookies are small pieces of information saved on the screen of a customer

In this Privacy Policy, we use the term ‘cookie’ to mean cookies and related applications used to store information (such as web beacons) (such as web beacons). A cookie is a plain, website-based text file that stores the content of a cookie on your computer, mobile (or other) device. Your web browser gives each cookie a unique ID. It may include some anonymous content, such as a unique identifier, the website name and some numbers and characters.

Any website or application you visit, including our own, may use cookies to enhance user experience, by allowing you to be remembered by the website and/or app through the duration of your visit (through the “session cookie”) or subsequent visits (by the “persistent cookies”).

Cookies help you to make it easy to navigate between pages and to remember your preferences by getting the best out of a website or service. Cookies make it easier and convenient for you and the website to communicate. If a website or application does not use cookies, it will treat you as a new user each time you visit a new page. Cookies can also be used to track your browsing habits and offer personalized ads.

Personal information is kept on paper for a fixed period of time

We keep the details private for six years. The day your user account was closed or unavailable for six years has been determined. There are many exceptions of this maxim, including:

If you exempt yourself from all our programs, we will still keep this secret

If you are being investigated or suspected of robbery, money laundering or illegal activities, we can keep your personal information for a longer period of time.

In the event of a legal issue, we will keep the email address for the duration of the case and for a further six years.

Keep your contact information up to date

You can change all your personal information at any time on your user account. If your personal details changes, we suggest that you refresh your user account.